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 Indicators and Simulation models for site selection and EIA of finfish mariculture

As part of WP2 (Developing tools for sustainable aquaculture in Egypt) and a collaboration between NIOF (Egypt) and UNIVE (Italy), FORCE held a training course called ‘indicators and simulation models for site selection and EIA of finfish Mari culture’ from 8th to 11th October 2012. The training course successfully took place at the Faculty of Sciences in Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt with more than 35 trainees attending in addition to 8 lecturers from Egypt and Italy.

The main objectives of the training course were:

  1. To provide a general overview of the indicators of impact of finfish aquaculture on both pelagic and benthic ecosystems;
  2. To give an overview of monitoring protocols for the above indicators;
  3. To present the modelling tools for site selection and EIA of fish farms currently available;
  4. To introduce NIOF based researchers to the use of a set of models, including BREAMOD, BASSMOD and MERAMOD.

The fish cage integrated model (FICIM)

icon-9 Agenda

- course materials:  

1-icon-9 Overview on impacts of aquaculture             



4-icon-9 Modelling Tools 1. Individual         5-icon-9 2. Population        6-icon-9 3. Deposition


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