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Conference Papers                                   Divulgative papers

1-icon-9 Proceedings_DEMaT_2011                               1-icon-9 Diversity of fleets, gears, and species hampers effective management Italian artisanal

2-icon-9  Proceedings_eFishing_CorFu-m_2010             2-icon-9 Energy profi ling can lead to reduced fuel consumption

3-icon-9  Proceedings_eFishing_e-Audit_2012               3-icon-9 Landing prices increase slightly in 2011

4-icon-9 Proceedings_eFishing_Propulsion_2012

5-icon-9 Proceedings_IMAM_2008_CH113                        FAO

6-icon-9 Proceedings_IMAM_2008_CH119                     1-icon-9 Calculations for Fishing gear Designs (Fridman)

7-icon-9 Proceedings_IMAM_2011_121                         2-icon-9 Ecosystem effects of fishing in the Mediterranean FAO_Bycatch 2000

8-icon-9 Proceedings_IMAM_2011_122                         3-icon-9 FAO - Definition and classification of fishing gears categories

9-icon-9 Proceedings_NAV2012                                    4-icon-9 FAO-fishermen work book

10-icon-9 Proceedings_Seattle_2010                             5-icon-9 FAO-guide marin pecheur

                                                                            6-icon-9 Impact des techniques de pêche en Mediterranee

Regulations                                        7-icon-9 Otterboard design and performance manual

1-icon-9 EC 1198-2006_EN                                           8-icon-9 Otterboard_Performance_and_Behaviour

2-icon-9 EC 1967-2006EN                                             9-icon-9 PAS2050-2-Steering Group

3-icon-9 EC 2371-2002_EN

4-icon-9 EC 2371-2002-EN



1-icon-9 Marine_Research_at_CNR_2011_1839-1855

2-icon-9 Marine_Research_at_CNR_2011_1857-1873

3-icon-9 Marine_Research_at_CNR_2011_1875-1887

4-icon-9 ReqNo_JRC77726_New Engine replacement Report

5-icon-9 The Nephrops fisheries of the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean – A review and assessment of fishing

6-icon-9 WGFTFB12


Scientific Papers

1-icon-9 A simplified model of the interaction of the trawl warps, the otterboards and netting drag

2-icon-9 A simplified model of the interaction of the trawl warps, the otterboards

3-icon-9 An assessment of biomass and diel activity of fish at an artificial reef (Adriatic sea) using a stationa

4-icon-9 An overview of loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) bycatch and technical mitigation measures in the

5-icon-9 An overview of loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta)

6-icon-9 Comparison between model testing and full-scale trials of new trawl design for Italian bottom fisheries

7-icon-9 Comparison of diamond- and square-mesh codends in the hake (Merluccius merluccius L. 1758) trawl fishery

8-icon-9 Effect of mesh size and codend circumference on selectivity in the Mediterranean demersal trawl fisherie

9-icon-9 Effects of Turtle Excluder Devices on bycatch and discard reduction in the demersal fisheries of Mediter

10-icon-9 Efficiency of the bottom trawl used for the Mediterranean international trawl survey (MEDITS)

11-icon-9 Energy performance evaluation of fishing vessels by fuel mass flow

12-icon-9 Escapement from the main body of the bottom trawl used for the Mediterranean international trawl survey

13-icon-9 Experimental and theoretical study of red mullet (Mullus barbatus) selectivity in codends of Mediterrane

14-icon-9 Experimental method for quantifying resistance to the opening of netting panels

15-icon-9 Impact and performance of Mediterranean fishing gear by side-scan sonar technology

16-icon-9 Improving fishing effort descriptors Modelling engine power and gear-size relations of five European tra

17-icon-9 Low-cost tool to reduce biofouling in oyster longline culture

18-icon-9 Performance and impact on the seabed of an existing and an experimental otterboard Comparison between mo

19-icon-9 Performance and impact on the seabed of an existing- and an experimental-otterboard

20-icon-9 Phylogenetic relationships of the Antarctic euphausiids inhabiting the Toss Sea and the adjacent regions

21-icon-9 Size selection by diamond- and square-mesh codends in multi-species Mediterranean demersal trawl fisheri

22-icon-9 The change in physical properties of some nylon (PA) netting samples before and after use

23-icon-9 The effectofmeshconfigurationandcodendcircumferenceonselectivity in the Mediterranean trawl Nephrops fis

24-icon-9 The effectofmeshconfigurationandcodendcircumferenceonselectivity in the Mediterraneantrawl Nephrops fish

25-icon-9 The influence of twine thickness on the size selectivity of polyamide codends in a Mediterranean bottom

26-icon-9 Vertical diel dynamic of fish assemblage associated with an artificial reef (Northern Adriatic Sea)


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